Friday, February 14, 2014

From the Streets of Sao Paulo to the Police Station

Sao Paulo Skyline
So this week was pretty exciting. We went proselyting on the streets of central Sao Paulo this past Wednesday! In the afternoon we all headed out with one of our instructors, Irma (Sister) de Silva, and we walked a bit and then got on the omnibus (public bus) which was super hot and crowded. We walked a bit more and got to a pretty busy block and they handed all the missionaries 3 copies of the Book of Mormon each and we were off. The day before they gave us some tips and we practiced with each other, but basically what you do is you walk up to someone and say, "Good evening, may I give you a present?" because apparently all Brazilians love presents and it totally works! So after you get their attention with the present you just give them a quick "this is another testament of Jesus Christ, it will bless your life as you read and pray to know if it is true, testify!, thanks!" It was a little slow at first but after the first man we placed a Book of Mormon with we were super stoked and it just kept getting better. We had this one couple come up and talk to us and I think they asked us if we were like Jehovah Witnesses. Unfortunately, I didn’t know the word for Jehovah’s Witnesses in Portuguese so that was pretty confusing but Elder Si. was able to kind of understand and reply. I hope they got the difference and they said they would read the book- awesome! 

Speaking of Elder Si.and myself, things are going along well. I am trying to help him out of his shell a bit. I stand by my advice that one of the most important mission prep sort of things you can do is just be able to start up, keep going and end a conversation with anyone at anytime. He has some reservations about doing that in English, so add on the language and it gets a little much sometimes. But he has progressed so much and this proselyting was a big confidence booster for him. And back to that we even saw 2 guys as we walked back by reading the book later, cool, so we placed 7 BOMs (we helped out another companionship who was having a hard time). As a district we placed 30 total, it was an amazing experience!  So we all feel like we run the CTM now, which we kind of do, haha, just kidding. 

So about our district, apparently we’re a “diamond in the rough” district because of how much we try to speak Portuguese and with our focus and such. We may not feel that way all the time but, hey. Anyway we get back from proselyting and we get the news. We had a new sister move into our district who had only been in Provo MTC for 4 days... 4 days to 3 weeks is a big, big, big difference! Since our sisters are the "newest" American sisters in the CTM, she had to come in with us. And because of this we had to move classrooms to a bigger one but the desks are tiny like at college and it’s on the 3rd floor instead of the 2nd. Now our teachers can’t continue where we were or at the speed they were because this new sister can’t understand. Whew- its been kind of rough but the sister is catching up. The plan is that another sister should be coming next week so she will be with that sister and move down to the week she actually is in. I don’t know but we will find out, I guess.

So for my teachers we have Irma (Sister) De Silva in the afternoons and Irmao (Brother) Brito at night. They are both native Brazilians from Sao Paulo who served missions somewhere in Brazil. They are awesome though and super funny and know how to teach well. For our class schedule it kind of repeats for the morning then the evening. We have an hour of grammar, and then we have a lesson on some pre-determined topic like “how to teach the word of wisdom”.  They show us and we practice with each other and then switch who we teach or we’ll be the investigator.  Then we have time to study with our companion while our instructor becomes our "investigator" and we all switch around who teaches when and then in the night we do it again except with different topics and the other teacher.

Ok, so on Thursday we had to get up earlier and go to the police station to declare our visas. Everyone who got to the CTM at the same time as us got on a big bus and drove to the police station.  We had to wait in line for a long time and then sit at a computer, hand them our stuff, make sure our name was spelled right, then they took pictures of us and did all of our finger prints and we were on our way... after waiting forever! Oh, and the Olympics were on the TV in the waiting room- talk about torture! Anyway, it was all good.

 I love you all so much! Have fun in the snow and I hope everyone gets to feeling better!

Elder Pierce

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