Monday, January 26, 2015

Coming Down the Mountain!

                                           One year of Missionary Service in Brazil has brought great JOY!

                                                 Wow!  What a difference a year makes!!

For a few days now I've officially been coming down the mountain! On Wednesday when we had Family Night with the branch one of the sisters baked me a cake and they all sang "parabéns" (Brasilian happy birthday) for me which was fun. 

Then I spent Thursday on the peak! In the morning we (I) got a bit crazy creative and we made covers for our scriptures to carry them in hand without messing them up with sweat and sunscreen and stuff which turned out super cool but everyone thinks they are presents or something haha. 

Then after a bunch of walking I took some pictures with the mountain which I've been waiting for since I got here over a month ago. And we ate pizza! I tried to put a match for a candle like one year but its kind of hard to see, haha. 


                     The "ONE YEAR" pose- yeah!!!  Made it to the "Peak" of the mission!!

                   PIZZA! (with a match stick "candle") In celebration of my 1 Year mark!!
And this week we have transfers! As everyone guessed Elder Alvarenga will be on his way out. Kind of weird I've only spent one transfer with my past two companions. My new companion will be Elder Souza Santos who was actually in Urlândia where I served and which is in our district so I've already met him and we've had various meetings together already. More info about him next week. 

Yep that's about it for this week haha, love you all até mais! (until more)

Elder Pierce
                                                Last lunch with E. Alvarenga churrasco!

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