Monday, February 16, 2015

Workin it up

Elder Mazzagardi's  Mission Tour 
(President and Sister Parrela with Elder Mazzagardi in the front/center)
Today (the 16th) makes 2 months that I've been here in São Pedro do Sul. That's weird because I feel like I got here yesterday, but at the same time when I remember some of the stuff that has happened here it feels like forever ago. I didn't even remember that it was Valentine's on Saturday, they celebrate it on a different day here in Brasil. The big commotion this time of the year here is Carnival. Its interesting to see the "other side" of Carnival actually being here because you hear much more about the total mess and awfulness that goes on, not really the impression from that movie Rio haha. But no worries because its not a big thing here in our small little city. 

This week was definitely more relaxed and we even got a break from traveling. Instead of going to District meeting President Parrela told everyone in the mission to stay at home and practice doing baptismal invitations like Elder Mazzagardi instructed us. Staying here for the week was also very needed so that we could actually get some work done in our area. Since we have the entire city there are a bunch of people that we can talk to that you could call "investigators"... just about no one who progresses though. As Elder Souza Santos and I were talking about it we realized that we needed to focus our efforts and time more on those who are willing to show interest or in simple terms go to church! So we started to pray for the inspiration to know who is prepared and to know who isn't and I've really seen a result. The lessons that we've had were more effective and we are more able to narrow down our schedules to teach those 8 or so people who are closer to progressing and having the rest of the time to find new investigators. 
Dion and Fran back on New Year's Eve

This past week we had our "Family Home Evening" of the Branch at Dion's house. It was a very special experience, Dion and Fran have really come a long way and finally after getting some crucial stuff sorted out they have started the marriage process to be able to be baptized! Now its just patience because after all the paper work and money spent, it's still 30 days until the marriage is official. (By law the marriage has to be announced in the paper for 30 days so that if you were married before and didn't get a divorce or something people could notify the notary and then you can't get married, a bit crazy) 

So yea this week was full of working and teaching and walking and all that good stuff that happens on a mission.

Sorry for not taking any pictures this week! I will repent and send some good ones next week for sure. Love you all and have a great week with possible snow!

Elder Pierce

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