Monday, March 17, 2014

The Roller Coaster of Missionary Work

Alright so last P day was hectic, I felt like a headless chicken running around and I just had no idea what was going on, but it’s all good, tudo bem (too-doo ben).

My daily life as a missionary: I get up around 6:30am do some morning stuff, then Elder Fávero (FAH-ver-oh) and I do some exercise, this past week was the first week Elder Fávero had been running since the nine months he’s been out in the field so he was hurting, haha, it reminded me of running with Dad, good times. Anyway, then we come home take a shower, eat some breakfast, always an apple a banana and 2 pieces of bread with honey. Then we start our personal study (or we should) at 8:00am which is really relaxing for me just to read the scriptures in English and have a little Portuguese break. Then for 2 hours comes companion study where we sing a hymn and read from the rule book, go over what we learned prep for lessons we will have during the day and go through the training program which should be 12 weeks but I will be doing in it 10 because this next transfer is really weird and 2 weeks shorter- fun. Then about 11am we have Estudo do Idioma (eh-stoo-doo doh ih-dgee(hard d sound?)-oh-mah) where I try to practice conjugations and pronunciation etc. but that normally gets cut short because we have to walk to our lunch appointments which start at 12noon.

Lunch is almost always beans, rice, suco (soo-koh) juice, and something with a bit of meat. And after lunch we start our proselyting which we planned out visits the night before or already had appointments set up. And this part is essentially 10 hours of walking around the streets trying to find and teach the people we planned. But it never goes the way we planned especially because Elder Fávero has the tendency to talk with people really long... anyway around 9 to 9:30pm we head home, plan for the next day, maybe eat a snack, oh yea dinner isn’t a thing here- like ever (that took some getting used to), we plan for the next day, take a shower, write in my journal and go to bed- a lot to do in a little time.

So around the beginning of the week I spoke with Elder Fávero about my desires to you know work a bit more diligently and get to stuff on time etc. and that really helped and things are starting to pick up. I am so much happier when we are working, teaching lessons, making contacts, etc. But everything here is a roller coaster, one day I feel like we are doing awesome and lunch is really good, Wed. we had this lasagna that tasted almost exactly like our enchiladas yummm, and we teach some great lessons. Then the next day your companion sleeps through personal study and you’re late to everything and we don’t get stuff done and lunch... you just have to shovel down the bland beans, rice and oddly textured sausage thing and wash it all down with suco that has little ants floating all in it (that was Saturday) and just hope that it ends soon, haha. Anyway this week we have two investigators who are really exciting. Mateus is like a golden investigator, he was a reference from some other missionaries and he’s already been to church and he has such a strong desire to know for himself the things we are teaching- it’s awesome. And Cléia (CLEH-ee-uh) is super interested, she was another reference and this past Sunday we taught her and she had a friend over totally not planned but the friend who gave the reference and the spirit was so strong and I know the Lord answers prayers because the friend said things that were exactly what Cléia needed to hear and it was great so both of them have now have agreed that they want to be baptized yay! Oh also this week I've started singing hymns to our investigators, it is such an awesome way to invite the spirit. Like I will sing Joseph Smiths First Prayer during the restoration lesson and really the first time I did that here was the strongest I've felt the spirit out here.

Missionary work definitely is work and isn't all roses but it’s the moments where you see the gospel light up peoples eyes and feeling that spirit that make it all worth it.

Sorry I don’t have time to add more pictures this week or reply to all or your emails but I read them all and I will try to get back to you! Thank you all so much for your prayers and love!

Love Elder Pierce

Here’s a picture of me and my companion, till next week! 

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