Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Blessed Mother's Day

Awesome Mother's Day Skype with the family!
 First off it was so good to get to see you guys through skype!!! Really it just made me so happy and I can tell that the other missionaries feel the same way because everyone is just happier and more smiley and it's just great, so thanks for being all awesome! 

Set up from home in NC

Set up on my end in Santa Maria,Brazil

Alright so last Monday for my birthday I got a cuia (cooeeuh) (a chimarrão cup) and straw thing and I may not like chimarrão but the cup is cool. And we went on a scavenger hunt to find a decent Brasil soccer jersey that wasn't the R$ 240 official shirt which was crazy but I got that too yay

So this Wednesday we had a Zone Conference and 3 zones came together and we all had trainings from President Parrela and the Assistants and it was great. First thing President said to me when he walked into the meeting was that I was going to sing, haha.  But I expected that and came prepared with some music and it turned out really well. But I feel like I learned a lot from the meeting and little things like how to improve my personal study which really help the day go better. And this past Friday we got our transfers information, ooo. I'm staying in the same place but it was really funny because there were a lot of jokes about fake transfers but the other American that I live with is getting transferred and another Brasilian is coming on Tuesday so there goes my English talking buddy but it will all be good and it'll help my Portuguese that much more. 

Speaking of which, it was really funny when I skyped with you guys. I didn't expect speaking English to be that hard at all, hahaha but I guess that really does show the progress so thats cool and I cant wait to see how much worse it will be in 6 months. 
Birthday letters and THANKS  Murchison Family for your letters!

So yea, there's always more I want to tell y'all but the times always working against me! Again I love you all and I hope the end of school isn't too crazy!
Elder Pierce 

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