Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I'm the English Teacher

Just a little "horsing around" :)
 So this Thursday I will have 4 months on the mission, that's pretty cool. Anyway, this was our first week with Elder Dos Santos our new District Leader and he is super chill so things are a little more relaxed around here, but in a good way. Since I'm the only American in the house now we started doing language study all together and I teach them English. I enjoy it because they have some manual that has lessons for learning English that we go over and we read the Book of Mormon in English together.  I help with all the pronunciation and explaining what words mean and yea, one day we took one hour to read first Nephi chapter one. Its nice to be the one to know how to say something sometimes haha.

Also every Saturday we have classes of Libras (Brasilian sign language) and English at our chapel for the ward or stake to attend which is awesome (when people show up haha) And we always go but this past week the Libras teacher couldn't come so I taught for a little bit just reviewing things we had learned in the past weeks which was fun and then after I always teach the English class. So what we did this week was go over and learn the alphabet in English, it's interesting though because almost everyone here has taken or is taking English classes in school but from what I'm hearing none of the teachers actually speak English with correct pronunciation or anything. Anyway so after everyone said they knew it I had them spell their names in English and that was a good laugh.  After we had a conversation in English!... well sort of. What I had them do was everyone asked someone else a question and I would translate for them so they would ask the question to the other person in English and then I would help the other person respond in the same way so little by little learning little phrases in English that they could actually use (being careful to only teach nice words in English haha).
Anyway I'm doing good! The work here... well we just keep pushing forward with faith and just keep doing the little things to help us on the right path. This transfer is until the first of July so I've got a good chunk of time to work here in our ward still! 
Love you all! and good luck to all those finishing up school with tests and stuff. BIG hugs and maybe this week there will be a little bit more to write about haha.
Elder Pierce

Last day with Elder McCutheon and first with Elder Dos Santos
p.s. A funny thing about here is that they pronounce my name like Percy as in Percy Jackson which they know around here so that's interesting

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