Monday, July 21, 2014


It's quite normal to just have horses walking in the streets #gaúchobagual

Last Sunday with Elder Gray
 Well another week has gone by. Here it feels like we go to church, then P-day is already over and we wake up on Tuesday to but realize that it’s already Friday again. Time goes by super weird and speaking of time I've now got 6 months on the mission, yea! (well the 22nd officially) I’m a quarter of the way through and a funny thought is that I've only got a "Sisters Mission" more to go. Another crazy timing event, Elder Gray the other American that we live with, is being transferred due to some mission politics after only 3 weeks here in the area setting a record for least time spent in the ward, haha. He was a great guy and I liked talking with him a lot (it’s nice to just talk with another American sometimes) and to commemorate his short stay here we got pizza- yum. 

Brazilian Pizza-yum!

Elder Usieda and I are teaching an elderly woman named Elza who is the friend of a member in our ward. We didn't "expect" much in the beginning because people around here usually have their religion and would rather just walk to the church down the street but we had an awesome experience with her this past week. We gave her a pamphlet to read about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she read it all the way through the night before we came back to talk. She liked the pamphlet a lot had some very interesting experiences she told us with her other churches but then she said to us that still to this day she felt that she hadn't received the Holy Ghost like it talks about in the Bible. And we felt a super strong spirit and invited her to be baptized with the restored authority of the priesthood again on the earth and promised that she would be able to receive that Holy Ghost that she has been searching for. Cool experience and we will see what happens next.
Also in my personal study I am doing a more in depth study of Chapter 6 in Preach My Gospel about the attributes of Christ and I feel that it is helping me out a lot as a person and a missionary so I encourage all to give that chapter a look!
I love you all and hope this week goes well!

Elder Pierce
A "family home evening" we had

You can see the sign for  Casa do Gaucho- where you can buy traditional Gaucho clothes- hmmm

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