Monday, July 28, 2014

It’s Winter Again


Hello family and all! I hope you’re having a wonderful summer. July ends this week and we are heading to the end of this transfer here on the 11th of August pretty crazy. So we said goodbye to Elder Gray last week and got to know Elder Almeda who now has 2 more weeks until he goes home from the mission. It’s pretty fun to talk with him because he knows about everywhere in the mission and has tons of stories to tell.
Taking cover  when it rained out of nowhere!
Anyway, this past week the weather decided to pull a 180. On Tuesday morning the "northern wind" came in and brought a bunch of rain out of nowhere in the afternoon and then continued to thunder storm and almost nonstop rain for the next two days. It’s kind of miserable to walk around in the rain haha a combination of walking around in soaking socks and shoes or something turned my feet orange haha that was weird. And after the rains the sun came out again but its back to being cold which kind of stinks but it is still winter so it makes sense.

Also a cool little experience Elder Usieda and I had was when Elza, the elderly woman we are teaching, showed us her collection of old Brasilian money. Before the real (hay-aw) Brasil used the cruseiro (kroo-zay-roo) but when they switched the cruseiro lost all value and Elza had this huge wad of cash and tons of coins and there was even a 50,000 note! It was cool and she joked that she would be set if the money didn't change haha. 
Elza's cool collection of old Brasilian money

Well, another week gone by, enjoy summer up there while it lasts and I love you all!

Elder Pierce
 Me with Vó (open o sound, short for avó grandfather, I don't remember his name we just call him Vó) and Irmã Adelina (member) who we visit and Vó gives us candy :)

Elder Usieda making corn bread for his personal progress project...

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