Monday, August 4, 2014

Last Week Blessings (Hopefully!!)

Catching a glimpse of the view from a bridge in our area of Santa Maria

We are heading into the last week of this transfer all too quickly! By this Friday we will know who goes or stays and all that jazz and we will be on the alert for the imperial march ring tone of Presidente Parrela. Quick note, yesterday (Sunday) during sacrament meeting President and his wife came to our ward by surprise, thank heavens I was wearing a long sleeve shirt and had shined my shoes that morning (both of which are rules). And the members seeing and feeling inspired with President there or something decided to have a "GH" testimony meeting of the Elders (GH, Gloria dos Homems, the glory of man) and started to bear testimony of all the great things we do. Such as Reunião Famíliar (Family Home Evening) with the YW President which has been really successful for our investigators and when we visit this elderly sister through the week which has really helped her out (the member friend of our investigator Elza). So that was just kind of funny.

Also the weather here continues to be crazy but I have recognized the pattern. First it’s cold and then it gets really hot then the "north wind" comes in for a day and brings a ton of rain. So yesterday was a lovely, sunny, windy day and today came the rain, joy. At least when the rain stops the dogs that live below us to stop barking at 3 in the morning. 
Note from my studies, I re-read the talk that Pres. Uchtdorf gave this past conference on gratitude and it gave me a great boost to not only be grateful for the things that we can see or count (like the number of lessons we had that week) but develop an attitude of gratitude which he counseled is the catalyst for all Christ-like attributes which ties in with the study I've been doing for the past weeks, pretty cool.
And on to the blessings of hard work, diligence, obedience, and I’m sure many prayers and fasting from many of you. Elder Usieda and I have a pool of investigators where 4 or 5 of them could be baptized at any time but they all have their own problems that keep them back and so we just keep trying to help them along. One of those cases is our good friend Olmiro. He went to church for over a month but due to some doubts and change in weekend activities, he stopped coming to church with us for a time. We always take the time to visit him in the week and mostly we just talk about whatever with him and his family because they've already had all the lessons and we just keep our relationship open. But yesterday was different, we went over to his house and were talking about this and that and of course we brought the news that changes could be happening this next week and he brought back up the gospel. We felt inspired and invited him again to be baptized and explained that baptism isn't for people who are perfect but for those who are trying. And he accepted! which was a surprise and an awesome answer to prayers and a blessing, so we are helping him to be ready for this Friday when another young man will be baptized with the other elders. So that’s exciting and prayers would be appreciated!
Love you all and don’t let summer go by too fast! 
Elder Pierce
                            We really like these dogs and say hi to them in the street daily, haha!

Birthday party of these little girls who always invite us to festivities :)

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