Monday, October 20, 2014

Experiences and Difficulties

Our recent Zone Conference ( I'm in the green tie to the left of the group)


Hello to everybody back home I hope yáll are doing well (exception with the Christian ankle situation). This week has been another rainy one but here in Cruz Alta we missed the worst of the storm that's been passing through the region with hail the size of eggs, what luck. And this weekend was the time change here so we took a "spring forward" which means we now wake up at what feels like 5:30, so much fun. The time there will "fall back" right? Does that affect the time difference? I'm not sure, let me know :) 

Here's a bit of a high-light from a lesson that we had with one of the families that we are teaching. The family is super nice and receive us well. The father was baptized as a youth but soon fell inactive and his wife has a "if your talking about God its all good with me" attitude and then two daughters that live at home one older youth aged and the other primary aged. Anyway unlike many of the people that we teach they really pay attention when we are talking and understand the implications of what we say. So as we were teaching the first lesson about the restoration of the gospel it was almost hard not to get carried away explaining things and keeping the focus but we get to the point where we talk about how the power and authority of God (priesthood) is again here on the earth leading to the topic of baptism. So we made the baptismal challenge and after thinking about it for a second the older daughter said yes right away. We had to explain a bit more to the Mom (the whole "but I've already been baptized" deal) but after that she was like "were gonna baptize everyone in the family!" (us thinking YEA! haha) and the father even showed great interest in preparing to baptize the youngest daughter himself (8th b-day next year I think). So that was an awesome experience that I we had to teach this family. 

And now for some of the difficulties that we have in our area. First off some of the members try to feed us too much haha. I didn't think I would have this kind of problem but there's a cultural difference where they want so badly to please you and make sure that we like the food that (at lease I feel) they pressure us into eating a lot. Elder Gois even felt sick one afternoon because of how much he ate (funny but not funny haha). Anyway now a real difficulty that we are having is getting our investigators to come to church! This really stinks but there's not much more that we can do. Even both of the families that we were teaching where traveling on Sunday. But hey just have patience right? (remembering what I said about patience last week) and more prayers never hurt :)

So yea I'm doing good down here and I hope yáll have a great week!


Elder Pierce
                              Playing Pool at a member's home on a P-day while it was raining.
                                           Ooops- we dropped the ball into their pool, haha.
                         We had lunch with Wilford Woodruf, haha. This brother really looks like him.
Storm clouds rolling in one morning.

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