Sunday, October 12, 2014

General Conference in Portuguese!

Elder Gois and I walking in the street during the interval of General Conference handing out invitations.
"Come Listen to a Prophet's Voice"

Hello everybody back home! I hope yáll´ve (is that correct English?) had a wonderful conference filled weekend! To be honest I don't remember much about the rest of the week... It rained a lot and we had "fun" jumping over the mini-rivers that form in the flooded cobble stone streets down here. 

So straight to conference! This General Conference was really great and a bit different for me this time. As a new rule in our mission all missionaries have to watch conference in Portuguese. So I had the opportunity to exercise my Portuguese skills which was fun (aside from the American Sister who recently arrived here in Brasil and couldn't understand anything which was pretty sad). And I understood about 95% of all that was said, yea! It just takes more concentration than in English and there's the whole deal of the translators talking over the speaker and not actually getting to hear the voices of the Prophet and Apostles and such. Speaking of which I loved the fact that the speakers could speak in their native language, so you all got the taste of what listening to a translation is like too. When Elder Godoy (the Brasilian) spoke everybody here was really excited and it was nice to just listen to him speak instead of a translation.
Ice cream on Saturday.  We couldn't watch the priesthood session but we had to keep the tradition alive, YUM!
Here are little bits that I got from each of the sessions (in order). 1st The personal responsibility we have to be on the Lords side. 2nd Goals for the future to be the best teacher and example of the gospel in my home and serve others (shout out to the parents! woo hoo love ya!) 4th A greater understanding of what it means to sustain our Prophet and leaders in the church. and 5th How a firm base in the basics of the gospel can bring peace in our lives and blessings we have been promised. (If your wondering about #3 we were not permitted to watch the Priesthood Session and have to find time during the week to watch or download on a pin drive or something... not too sure about the purpose of that decision...) Anyway I had a great conference experience and cant wait for the next one! (only 2 more on the mission) 

Have a great week! love you all!

Elder Pierce
Elder Sargent is in Cruz Alta too!  It's great to catch up with friends.
Here's a pic of us back in the CTM (nearly 9 months ago)

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