Monday, November 10, 2014

The Lord Giveth and The Lord Taketh Away

Farewell to Elder Gois (for now)
As expected the time for Elder Gois here in Cruz Alta as my companion has come to an end. This week he will be transferred to Santa Maria and I will have a new companion Elder Araujo from São Paulo capital. A bit funny because Elder Araujo is from the same group as Elder Gois and so we have the same amount of time on the mission and we will probably leave the mission at the same time too. It's not too, too common to have a companion your "same age" but now I'll have two, interesting. So Tuesday all the moving and traveling will happen and the rest of the week will be helping Elder Araujo get to know the new area. 

I have felt so blessed to have served with Elder Gois for these past 3 months and it'll be a bit sad to see him go (especially now that we have a new rule in the mission that we can't email any other missionary in our mission... no personal comment) But I'm sure that the work will go on and that we will get to see each other again at a zone conference or something and at least when we are returning home. 

This past Saturday we (Elders Rocha Martins, Rios, Gois and I) had the awesome opportunity to be on the Cruz Alta radio! There's a radio station that people from the community can sign up and just talk on the radio for an hour and the missionaries have been putting on a program for a good time now and so this time it was our turn. We prepared an awesome message with the theme "O que esta faltando em sua vida?" ("What's missing in your life?") and we used the lesson "The Gospel" that we as missionaries learn in PMG Ch3 ( click here to read more ) with the 5 points Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Endure to the End to answer the question. It worked out really well and we divided all the topics and played it out as a conversation between us. My part to explain was about baptism and I talked about the baptism of Christ and sang the primary song "Baptism" and half way scared the radio attendant guy who was on the controls because it was kind of loud and he wasn't expecting that, haha. 
Radio Station sign
Putting on the radio show
Me singing "Baptism"

Anyway I am looking forward to working with Elder Araujo and finding many for new investigators! (As the subject states the missionary work here has been much of the Lord giving and a bit sadly taking away through free agency.)

Anyway love you all and have a great week! 

Elder Pierce
All of us with our Bishop and his family ( Elder R* tall Elder* was transferred too).

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