Monday, November 3, 2014

The Weather Plays Jokes With Me...

I finally found a sign that says "Welcome to Cruz Alta" ( I don't know what Erico Verissimo or whatever it says there is)

Hello family and all! I loved seeing all the fun Halloween pictures. Here in Brasil they don't really do Halloween but most people know about it from American movies and such but think that it's not actually a real thing we do, haha. But some of the kids in the city dressed up for festas (parties) at school. I took a picture with one of my little buddies, a son of one of the families we teach, who was a super hero.
Me and my Super Hero friend on Halloween 

Anyway so spring here in Rio Grande do Sul has been pulling my tail all week. Usually before we head out for the day without intentions to go back to the house (which is at least a good 20-30 minutes walking from our area) it is cloudy and windy outside which means we have some options. It could either clear up and be sunny and hot the rest of the day or it could mean more chilly rain. So we just have to guess and deal with what we've got the rest of the day. So of course I chose wrong a couple of days. On Halloween I had a certainty that it would rain so I put on a long sleeve shirt and brought my umbrella (not putting on sunscreen expecting to stay under the umbrella) And just as we were leaving lunch the sun came out and it got hot and I knew that meant suffering for the rest of the day... (you can see the difference in the picture with me at the sign which was after lunch and then with my super hero buddy at the end of the day). Then the next day when I wasn't going to let the weather get the best of me I did the sunscreen and used short sleeve and everything just to have it rain all day. Go figure. 

This week is the last week of the transfer and we´ll find out whats gonna go down on Friday. We have the feeling that my time with Elder Gois is winding down, but nothing is for certain! 

Also a note from my studies of The Book of Mormon, in Alma 15(:6-12) the healing of Zeezrom (at least that's how you spell it in Portuguese) made a real impact on me and I learned a bit more about two important principles. 1) How our faith and 2) the will or purpose of the Lord are both needed to work miracles. But one without the other "não dá"! (doesn't work) So everyday look for the guidance of the spirit to see the will of the Lord and put all of our faith into every effort and we will see miracles.

Love you all and have a great first week of November! (crazy!)

Elder Pierce
We had another Ward Family Home Evening with a cake and such for everyone that had a birthday last month.
(I kind of hit my head on the table as I did a "super cool" slide into place, haha)

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