Monday, December 29, 2014

Look for the Miracles

A Merry (late) Christmas to all! and a Happy New year this week! 
Click here to watch video of Elder Pierce singing "The First Noel" in his mission language of Portuguese

Already 2015... crazy how time flies by. I loved getting to see everybody at the Christmas Skype session although it always feels so short. We'll see how we are going to celebrate the New Year, we don't really have set plans but I'm sure something will work out. 

It's been 2 weeks now that I'm here in São Pedro. Just a couple of little details that make here very different than my other areas: The entire city is ours. This is kind of cool because anyone we talk with in the street is free game, haha. We live in the downtown which means all the stores we need are close and our "chapel" (house) is on our same street. There is an elderly sister in our branch who is one of the only people authorized to enter into the residency of missionaries and once or twice a week cleans our apartment and such... (it's a bit weird to be honest and it's like a treasure hunt finding where she puts all your stuff afterward). 

Anyway in the short time that I've been here I've seen many miracles that testify to me that the Lord is really helping us out in the work. Really it's the little things that make a difference like saying a prayer while walking in the street then getting to teach a lesson. Or going to visit a member and we end up going to visit their friends and end up with a ton of lessons (5 to be exact). Or having the sister who was scheduled to give us lunch travel and 2 families offer lunch at the last minute. Or getting asked to give a talk in sacrament meeting 10 minutes before and I just happened to have the Liahona that I had used to give the elder's quorum lesson and having the spirit help me out to give a good talk reading and explaining one of the General Conference talks on the spot. And a really cool miracle was also at church when the class was about tithing. Afterward our investigators leaned to me and asked "So how do we start paying our tithing?" and (leaping for joy in my mind) I said that that was a commandment that you started after you are baptized so he said " well let's get baptized then!" Yea! so we will visit them this week and set a date for their wedding and baptism hopefully by the end of this upcoming month. (Prayers always welcome)

I'm doing great, trying not to get burned too bad, and loving to serve the Lord. Love you all and know that you're in my prayers :)

Elder Pierce

*Working out problems with the computer in the new area so pictures of the area will be coming soon.

                                                 CHRISTMAS SKYPE WITH THE FAMILY:

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