Monday, December 8, 2014

Miracle Cake

My joy at finding the package!
This week we find out about transfers... (I'm not excited). I will have 4 months here in Cruz Alta on Friday so the chances are high that changes could be happening. I have really come to love here amidst all the ups and downs and I still feel like there is so much for me to do, but all in the Lord's time. Haha- we were even talking with a family that we are teaching about the possible transfers and the mom was all "Oh no! They cant do that! I won't let them... I won't go to church anymore! I´ll bang pots and pans in front of Bishop for you to stay..." haha and on and on, it was super funny (but I made sure it was a joke that she wouldn't go to church anymore). Oh and good news, Christmas Package arrived last week! So now we don't have to worry about any transfer related complications about that. 

We recently had a treinamento (training session) where they used the example that you need ingredients to bake a cake and it works the same way with God and miracles. We have to give him the ingredients so that he can work the miracles in our lives. Ingredients such as faith, prayer, fasting, diligence, obedience, and so on. So Elder Araújo and I have been calling this though process the "Bolo de Milagres" (Miracle Cake) and are trying to put in as many ingredients as we can so that God can work miracles in our area. (side note with more ingredients God can bake a bigger cake hence the power of collective prayer and fasting)

Anyway, so as an answer to our prayers for a possible miracle Thursday morning we got a call from the Traveling Assistants in our mission that they would be coming that day to have a division with us. So after a good stressed hour and a half of re-doing our plans for the day to make 2 different schedules the assistants arrived and after lunch Elder Araújo went with one and I went with the other to get as much work done in our area as possible. Everything started out fine with my plans and all but as the day went on the plans got thinner and everything was falling through and we were reduced to putting our faith into knocking doors (well actually we clap our hands at the front gate). Not that it was my fault or lack of planning or anything but it was still frustrating to have that happen the day that the assistant happens to be there. But we just kept on going keeping up the good attitude and trying our best. Then when we got back home Elder Araújo and the other assistant had an awesome day and found 7 new investigators and taught 9 lessons and were telling us all these miracles that had happened. So I came to the conclusion that we, through our diligence that day, supplied the ingredients for the miracle cake with the other Elders, haha.

I pray that all of you are well and have a great week! Oh and I only had to open a few of the Christmas presents early due to necessity, thanks for that family! Love you all!!!

Elder Pierce                              Christmas Package from the family!
Opening the package
Taking out the guts
The loot...
that I won't open until Christmas...
except for a few things :P

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