Monday, July 20, 2015

The Secret to Success

                                                                  Zone Conference
Break time at the zone conference
Hello to all after another week! The most exciting thing that happened this past week had to be the Zone Conference last Tuesday. It's always fun to see past friends and companions and a great opportunity to hear from Presidente and Sister Parrela. One of the things that stuck out to me from the conference was this question: "What was the secret to the success of Jesus Christ as the perfect missionary?" In the end the answer is kind of obvious but it was one of those mind-blowing, right in front of you moments, haha, that Christ only did the will of the Father and that he was exactly obedient. (John 5:30, 6:30, 7:16-17, & Luke 22:42) The same stuff as always shed in a new light, cool :)
                                                                             Seeing Old Friends:
                                                                    E. Sargent
                                                                           E. Gois
                                                                     E. Lailson Silva
At our apartment after the conference we also had the elders from San Tiago sleep there to wait for the bus the next morning. So obviously we took advantage of the opportunity and got xis with everyone.
                                                                     Xis- Yummm!

Anyway the rest of our week is a big blur in my mind... Saturday night Bishop called me and said "hey Elder, did anyone tell you that you have a talk tomorrow?".. umm nope haha. But it's all good, we are prepared for this as missionaries. I talked about how we receive revelation through prayer, scripture study, and church attendance. Pretty easy considering I only had to say the stuff that I teach to people pretty much every day. 

Well sorry for the short letter but I love you all and hope that your week goes well!

Elder Pierce
Pancake breakfast that one of the other elders made for us one morning :)

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