Monday, August 3, 2015

Brazilian Father's Day!

                                                                On the bus...  again    

SURPRISE!!! The 9th of August is Father's Day here in Brasil and we are now authorized to Skype our families on this day too! Honestly I didn't believe it when I first read the email  but its legit! I don't know if this is a thing just in our mission or others too but whatevs. So prepare the Skype session on the 9th family! I'm quite excited to be able to see y'all again so soon :)

Me with Elder Cardoso the district leader in Santa Rosa  
Other than that the week went by well. On Tuesday I went back to Santa Rosa to do an exchange with the district leader there, accompany their district meeting, and do 2 more baptismal interviews for them. We had some great experiences and a day with baptismal interviews is always fun. Also it was cool to see the idea that I took to the mission council, to accompany the district meetings better giving everyone a half sheet with guided practices to do and additional studies on said topic, being applied in their district meeting that I went to. It was a bit exhausting to catch the bus 6 am two days in a row there and back but it's gotta be done. 
Santa Rosa is where a kid's TV program star named Xuxa (shusha) was born hence the
"rainia dos baixinhios" (queen of the shorties).

This week I travel to San Tiago do do another exchange on Wednesday. I will be with the junior companion who arrived in the mission at the same time with my son Elder Alencar so that will be fun and Elder Santos Araujo will be with the District Leader back in Santo Ângelo. This week Elder Santos Araujo and I had many great experiences. We are working with a great investigator who actually lives in a small neighboring city called Entre-Ijuís. She is a college student whose member aunt from Portugal came to visit and brought her to church about 2 months ago. She received an answer to her prayer that the church was true and she knows that she is totally prepared to be baptized. But the frustrating part is that even knowing all that she still is a bit scared to be baptized. It's more of a fear that she will mess up after the baptism and that she still depends on her dad to drive her to Santo Ângelo to come to church. But I know that all will go well, just prayer and patience, haha.

Love you family and see ya soon!

Elder Pierce

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