Monday, October 12, 2015

6 Days and Counting...

                    Us at the Zone Meeting with Santiago and São Luiz Gonzaga (half of the zone)                  

Hello family! I have to give a shout out for the super exciting news: PARABÉNS Elder Noah Pierce in your call to the AUSTRALIA BRISBANE MISSION!!! I gave a big WOO! here in the lan-house when I opened the email haha and I'm still amazed, Australia... that's just too awesome :) 

Anyway so this morning was the first time that we saw the sun in about a week, and it didnt even stay too long.
                                                  (this is the view out of our room's window)

 Today is the 6th day and counting that it's rained which makes everything harder but you've just gotta deal with    it :/ Elder Longo and I's trip last week went well. We arrived in São Luiz Gonzaga on Monday around 7:00 pm, time enough to do some contacts at random in the city and even teach a lesson which was funny because neither Elder Longo or I had been around the city before. But then when we got up early to head off for Santiago on Tuesday morning the stinking bus went super slow and we had to run to get to the Zone meeting in time 10:00am.

Besides running in late the meeting went really well, Elder Longo talked about the importance of new investigators and I talked about baptismal invitations. It was cool to explain about how Christ could be with us in our lessons as we used the scriptures, His own words, to invite people to be baptized. Anyway, afterwards we both stayed in Santiago to do exchanges with the 2 companionships of elders that are in the city. I went with Elder Wassom (the American doing thumbs up on the left'ish side to the front in the zone picture) who is the district leader in Santiago. The exchange went well, I told Elder Wassom "Elder, the first 20 contacts are yours, if you don't do them I will!" (because one of the areas evaluated during exchanges is talking with everyone) Obviously I helped too but it was cool because we went talking with everybody that we saw and at the end of the day we really did get 20 adresses of people to visit that we did contacts with in the street :D so that was a good experience. 

Elder Longo and I reunited the next morning and returned back to Santo Ângelo early Wednesday (the pics of us in the street and the bus etc.) which meant that we had a lot of work to catch up on in our own area... which the rain didnt help with. But yea thats about it haha, This week we have the other half of the zone meeting here in Santo Ângelo with Santa Rosa and with more exchanges and rain to come.

Love you family! and I hope everyone has a good week :) 

Elder Pierce 
                           Elder Longo and I walking in the street on our way back from Santiago
                                view of the street from the front window of the bus in Santiago
 it went dark again and in this pic it's raining but you can't see it, haha

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