Monday, October 19, 2015

Keep on Rolling!

                                                                         Zone Meeting
Well things never seem to stop here. We had the other half of our zone meeting with Santo Ângelo and Santa Rosa on Tuesday. Since the Missionaries from Santa Rosa had to come in early in the morning they didn't have anything to eat for breakfast so Elder Longo and I made them pancakes that we brought to eat at the chapel before the meeting started. Maybe they didn't turn out so good but it's the thought that counts right? haha After the meeting I was able to stay in my own area this time to do an exchange with a new American elder. I realized how far my Portuguese has really come my time here in the mission...                                         

Anyway Elder Longo and I are working hard we've got some great investigators in sight to be baptized and some new investigators are popping out right before our eyes it seems. So when it comes time to chill out at home we all like to laugh and joke a lot. Elder Longo has this big horn called a "berrante" (bay-hans-chee) which he uses to beat box on occasion hahaha.
                                                Elder Long getting funky with his horn

                                             he was doing beat box horn style hahaha

On Friday I traveled to São Luiz Gonzaga to do a baptismal interview for the elders there. Due to the timing of the buses I was only able to travel back to Santo Ângelo on Saturday morning. but it was cool
Elder Smith (on the left int he photo)
said that he met Noah out at BYU, small world 
because they bought be a hot dog and I found out that the American there, Elder Smith met Noah out at BYU, small world haha. This week I will have to go to Santa Maria for an exchange with the assistants which will be cool but a bit tiring (4 hours on a bus there and then 4 back) and expensive! But well see how it goes :)

Love you all family!, sorry the email was short I hope this week finds you all well!

Elder Pierce
                                                the weather is getting better...ish haha
Hotdogs with the Elders in São Luiz Gonzaga

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