Monday, September 1, 2014

Feels Like Yesterday

Zone Conference in Santo Angelo

Well, another week went by here and I feel like I arrived in Cruz Alta yesterday but that I've known these people for more than a month. Also my companion Elder Gois had his 19th birthday on Friday, we joke that he now has left the deacons and can go to the teachers, haha. But things are great between us and we work hard and well together (tender mercies). We even made a musse dessert (like pudding or mousse I think?) and brought it to a member's family as a family home evening treat this past Monday which is fun because we get to eat and at the same time gain the confidence of the members (that means references!). 
Making Family Home Evening treat
We made a "1" and a "9" for his birthday.

Also this past week we had a Zone Conference in the city Santo Angelo where 3 zones get together and we have training sessions with Pres. Parrela and the assistants and such. It was a nice way to give a break in the week (and make the week fly by) and I get to see some friendly faces which was awesome and it feels nice not to be the new missionary really anymore and have people to talk with when everyone gets together.                                       
                                                                   Friendly Faces
Elder Favero (1st companion)
Elder Dos Santos
Elder Gray
And this past Sunday I got to sing again in church which went well and its becoming a custom that when we eat lunch with the members that they will ask me to give the message because I sing their favorite hymns and give a quick testimony on whatever gospel topic is in the hymn which I enjoy doing. 

Sorry this week was a bit short but I love you all and hope school is going well and a shout out to Noah at BYU yea! Big hugs for everyone and have a great week!
Elder Pierce
The missionaries fill up an entire restaurant there in Santo Angelo
And here's a weird statue we found titled Gaucho, haha.

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