Monday, September 8, 2014

Ruas? Mais como rios!

9/8/14                 (Streets? More like rivers!) (just pronounce the r´s like h´s) 

Happy September everyone! I'm glad to hear that the first week of school went well, keep it up! I´ll have a month here in Cruz Alta this week pretty crazy, and this transfer is coming quickly to an end. 

This week will be fondly remembered for the huge rain storms that we had. On Friday we ran to our lunch as the rain started to fall and the rain wouldn't stop! So after waiting for a while and nothing letting up we had to head out so we went to the church to use the restroom and such and hope that the rain would be merciful. On the bright side though I did have some fun taking pictures in the rain. The cobble stone streets flood and in parts its more like walking in a river than a road,haha. Anyway so at the church I was content to wait it out a little bit more because who wants a soaking wet missionary in their house right? With the encouragement of Elder Gois we exercised our faith and went out to work, still pouring down. But the Lord saw fit to bless our diligence and we even had an awesome lesson led by the spirit and all not even 10 minutes after being out which makes walking in the rain all afternoon a bit easier.
My joy walking in the rain...
Flooded street

This was a bit too much and there wasn't anywhere to go from there so we just had to walk through the puddle (pic of the pic on the cellphone)

Oh yea and a little good news Elder Rios fixed our shocking shower and we now can touch the walls yea! There was a bad outlet on the other side of the wall that the box had corroded or something but he  unwired it and wrapped the wires in electrical tape and boom mystery solved. 

 Also shout out to Mom and Nana to have a very happy birthday this week! Love and big hugs and kisses! Also here are some pics of a Xis Calota (shees) (Hub Cap sized cheeseburger) that we got one night for dinner and it was super good! with beef, bacon, chicken, heart, peas, corn, something like cream cheese... lets just say its different than back in the states but its really good. 

                                                          Enjoying our Xis Calota!!

love you all! and have a great week!

Elder Pierce
                                            Cruz Alta Pampas (rolling hills)

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