Monday, September 22, 2014

Show de Talentos e Dia do Gaúcho

Cruz Alta Sunset- the clouds make the city look on fire, awesome!

Bom Dia! everybody back home!  Some awesome stuff happened back home this week. Parabens Calvin on your baptism and super cool baptism blankee! And hugs for all the family that passed through I hope you all are well and that you´ll have safe travels.

Today (Monday the 22nd) marks 8 months that I've been on the mission yea! and I hear time flys by from here, we´ll see. Transfers came in this week and I get to stay here with Elder Gois for at least a little bit more which we are super excited about! Last Saturday was Dia dos Gauchos here in Rio Grande do Sul (Day of the Cowboys) to celebrate the culture here which is pretty cool. Kindof a bummer here in Cruz Alta isn't very "bagual" (like red-neck) so we hardly didn't see all the gaúchos riding horses in the street and such but there was a churrasco in almost every house! 
Roupa Gaucha, yea!
And on Saturday our ward had a talent show. Expecting to fill in some gaps us elders planned to do a couple of acts and it turned out really well (if not a bit embarrassing,  haha). Turns out that Elder Gois is really good at juggling and juggled with oranges and eggs and I helped throw him some stuff which was fun. And Elder Rios plays the guitar super well so I sang some hymns and he accompanied on the guitar which was cool doing a semi singles ward version of Called to Serve. Also we had a little something "up our sleeve" and we made a midget named "Joãozinho" (little Johnny) with me singing and Elder Rios playing the guitar and it was hilarious because I just tried to sing whatever he started to play on the guitar (the embarrassing part) so I sang a bit of AC/DC and Red Hot Chili Peppers and then Hallelujah from Shrek which worked out the best.

Anyway I hope everyone is well and Id love to hear from ya!

Elder Pierce
                                                                  Talent Show Fun
Talent show prep
Elder Gois with his juggling talent
Elder Rios and I singing and playing some hymns
                                                  Joãozinho (Little Johnny) djo-ao-zee-nyo

Our talent show group

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