Monday, March 9, 2015

Period of 6 weeks of Promise!

                "In the sweat of thy face" (Genesis 3:19) the work rolls on in São Pedro do Sul. :)
Drum roll... Elder Souza Santos and I will be staying together here in São Pedro do Sul for another period of 6 weeks! (President Parrela is trying to disassociate transfers and the work to monthly goals not goals for the transfer. It makes sense but it's become almost taboo in the mission to say "transfer" so we have reverted to saying "period of 6 weeks" (which is the same thing)). 
Pizza! celebrating Elder SS's 10 months & my 1 year in the field (4th of March) 
and another transfer together!

So I'm pretty excited to be staying here because the Lord is really getting stuff moving here in the branch and with our investigators. This past week we had 49 people at sacrament meeting! A huge improvement from not getting over 25-30 for over a month. Also we had 7 investigators there all of whom are being prepared for baptism this month (much prayer, hope, faith, and fasting inquired- "requested"??). Elder Souza Santos and I are getting into an awesome groove with our schedules and plans to teach everybody and accompany all of their progress and such. So again I'm glad that the Lord is giving me the chance to be a part of it all! 
Santa Maria from a new view!

Mom asked about day light savings time and yes it happens here... I have a strong disdain (looking not to use the word hate) for it! During the "horario de verão" (time of summer) it doesn't get dark until 8:45pm or so that is wonderful for proselyting we can do contacts and bater portas (hit doors) until the end of the day if need be and everyone is still awake and it's great. Now that the time has gone back it gets pitch black at 7:30. That means that no one is in the street, no one wants to open their door, no one wants to talk with anybody and half of everyone is in bed. In other words much more complicated for us. But all is solved with some tactful activities at the church during the night and set appointments. 

So yea that's pretty much it :) Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Pierce
Back in the normal bus to Santa Maria
Our Zone
My shoe is happy :)
All of my planners until now and the one in 
the middle is the one I did special for General Conference this transfer

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