Monday, March 2, 2015

Rain and Marriages!

                                    The sandwich I made last p day for lunch=YUMMMMM!                

About everyday this week it has rained a bit. This is good and bad and all around normal for this time of year. It's weird that it's already March, this week makes 1 year that I've been in the mission field (after leaving the CTM) cool. 

Storm clouds rolling in.
Elder Souza Santos as we were walking one day.
I really like my companion Elder Souza Santos and we get along great. He likes to eat all the fruit that he sees on the trees in the street and always offers me some, but I'm not too fond of "street fruit" haha. He was baptized when he was 12 and through him his family became members of the church. Its good to have a companion who is a convert because people seem to listen to them more. Since he was raised learning with his grandmother, who is a a Jehovah's Witness, he know every way to disprove what they talk about using the bible. We both have a passion for Marvel movies, that was a fun conversation one night when we found that out. An interesting point is that he has trouble sleeping well. So he counts how many times that I turn over in my sleep but he's working on that, haha. 

Walking to our District meeting
Some good news, Dion and Fran have officially started their marriage process! The date marked to make it official is the 27th of March, oh yea! (we'll just have to see about transfers this upcoming week haha fingers crossed) Dion & Fran also bore their testimonies on Sunday which was a super sweet experience. 
Us at Dion & Fran's house with Dion's little brother and their dog. :)

Love you all and I hope you have a great wintry week!

Elder Pierce
We found a rock with a hole in it, so I took a picture.
Our District
The storm clouds that were in the background rolled in 2 minutes after the picture.

Double Rainbow! Outside our window one morning.

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