Monday, April 6, 2015

Blessings, Conference & it was Easter?

 On the Friday before Easter its a holiday called Sexta-feira Santa (Holy Friday) when Christ was crucified and tradition is that you cant eat any red meat so everyone eats fish. 
So I took the opportunity to take a picture with our lunch, haha.

Another week has flown by with lots of great stuff happening. 

On Wednesday (April fools day) we got a call from another city in our mission. The missionaries serving there told us about an investigator of theirs who would be moving to São Pedro. I was a bit uncertain being April fools and all but it was the truth, haha. We helped the young mother and her 3 young children, 8, 7 and 1, move into their house and get things settled. And true to the word of the other companionship, the mother and her 8 year old son are totally ready for baptism keeping all of the commandments reading the Book of Mormon and everything. Just a bit unfortunate we had a baptism last week and due to the costs of renting a van to Santa Maria we have to space out the baptisms a bit. The next baptism trip is planned for the 18th :) Frederico and his mother Helena will be ready for the 18th as well. We are working with a couple other investigators who also may be preparing for the 18th, pretty exciting. 

And General Conference! what an awesome experience. Like Mom wrote me FAMILIES ROCK!!! hahaha I totally felt the same impression especially during the first session. I think it's funny that everybody gets a taste of what it feels like for non-English speakers all the time with the talks being translated. It takes a while to get used to and it requires much more mental excursion (at least for me) but when you get in the groove with the spirit the meaning comes across all the same. I had fun whispering excitedly to everyone around that that was my Uncle Charles in the choir too hehe. 

Honestly if it weren't for the speakers in conference mentioning it was Easter I would have forgotten. It's just one of those unfortunate mission side effects holidays: don't feel like holidays (at least in another country). Brasilians do have the Easter bunny custom and they usually buy huge chocolate eggs (like the one I bought last year... wow weird to think that that was a year ago...) And thanks to a Sister in our branch Elder Souza Santos and I even got a little treat from the Easter bunny so I had to take some pictures haha. 

Our little Easter treat

                                                         bunny imitations, haha

I love you all and hope that each of us can apply what we've learned in conference to make our lives better! Until next week!

Elder Pierce 
And on a side note from a random market purchase I got super lucky and got one of the special edition 1 real coins that they are doing for the Olympics! This one is for the long jump. Cool

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