Monday, April 20, 2015

                                         Goodbye São Pedro- me in front of the church building in São Pedro
Transfers usually come out on Friday so I was kind of caught off guard when President Parrela called on Thursday morning. He made a conference call with some other elders and myself to call us as new District Leaders. But he wouldn't tell us where we were transferred to haha, but later in the afternoon we got the other call and I will be headed to Livramento! Fronteira (border) with Uruguay which is super cool because on P-day we can even go into Uruguay a bit because the border is literally one side of the street to another. The only downside is that its a 6 hour bus ride from Santa Maria, that will be tiring.

My companion will be Elder Lailson Silva, who I've never heard of, so probably he started his mission there in Livramento. This will be my first time going to the fronteira half of the mission (Santa Maria, Cruz Alta, and São Pedro are in the other half). Like I said last week its a bit sad to have to say goodbye to everyone here but I'm excited for the new adventure and the new opportunity to serve my fellow missionaries. 

Saturday was Baptism Day!
Micheline, her son Luan, Frederico, and Kauã all got in da'-wata' haha. (Due to some unfortunate timing of events Tais felt it better if she got baptized next month so the elders here will be on top of that.)  Luan and Frederico chose me to perform the baptism which was super special. Just that on Saturday morning I woke up with a sore throat and I felt half sick all day which is a bummer so I didn't feel up to singing at the baptism (the first baptismal meeting on my mission I didn't sing). Everything went well on Sunday for the confirmations, another great honor that Frederico, Micheline and Luan asked me to do their confirmations. Leaving São Pedro with a bang haha especially because our branch had 61 poeple in sacrament meeting! 
Everybody at the baptism
I am astounded how the Lord has blessed us here. So yea next week I'll be in a new place with new people and new responsibilities and surely more pictures haha (the computer is too slow to sent the 40+ pictures I took this weekend).
us walking on the railroad continuing our journey

Love you all!                             
Elder Pierce
                                                              More Baptism Day:
                                                       Us with Micheline's family
us with Kauã

                                                                        me with Luan watching his Mom get baptized:)

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