Monday, April 27, 2015

More Excited than the Situation Called For, haha!

 Made it to Livramento 
(with my new companion Elder Lailson Silva)

Last night dinner and goodbyes with
Dion, Fran, Frederico, Helena and vo (grandma)

Well I made it here in Livramento! We had a farewell dinner with Dion's family Monday night, always sad to say goodbye but I've got addresses and Facebook contacts and everything. Tuesday was full with 7 hours of bus ride (joy...) 1 hour to Santa Maria from São Pedro then the long 6 hours it took to get to Livramento. (It's 6 hours because the bus stops in other cities and stuff, I think it would only be 4 hours or something straight way in a car.) It's always cool to see friends who have been on the other side of the mission after so long at the bus station in Santa Maria.

My new companion Elder Lailson Silva is really great. He has 3 months on the mission, is 23 years old, from São Paulo city, and will have 2 years as a member of the church this coming month. I was very surprised at how well he works and teaches as a missionary and sometimes I feel like I'm the one being taught by him, haha. We both like to talk a lot which helps too because once again I'm we live alone in our apartment. Our area is suuuper cool because it literally borders Uruguay! Walking to an appointment this week we crossed to the other side of the street and bam! we were in another country! (I was probably more excited than the situation called for, haha) And we made a contact with this one woman the other day and I was having a very hard time understanding her until I realized that she was speaking in Spanish! haha. I will take pictures today as we go to Riveira (the city in Uruguay on the other side of the border) which will be sweet! I feel a bit clueless at times as a district leader because I'm only doing the things that I saw others do from a far because I've never even been companion of a district leader before but it's all good and there's always another elder to answer my questions. Thankfully I've got another week to prepare until I've got to give a training session at District Meeting because this week is Zone Meeting, phew haha. 

That's about it for this week! Love you all!

Elder Pierce
all packed up

last look at the apartment
                                                   friends at the bus station Elder Favero
                          (meu pai, "My father/ first companion" he finishes his mission this transfer)
and Elder Gama

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