Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy :)

                                                         Birthday Lunch- Churrasco, yummm!
Well I can only describe how I felt after the family Skype session as happy. I can tell that the family will be very different when I come home, deeper voices and a good bit taller but I think its exciting to see the before and after results. I pretty much said everything that I had to say yesterday... so I'm thinking about what I'm going to write now... 

Umm, just a recap for other folks, I'm liking a lot getting to be District Leader working on my treinamentos (training lessons) and helping the other elders out, even if I feel like they teach me more than I teach them sometimes, haha. It's super cool to be here on the border and I'll have to brush up on some Spanish to talk with the missionaries in the other mission (Uruguay Montevideo West I think) who we get to see on p'day. 

I sent pictures from my birthday lunch last week, the churrasco was super good.

 And look at my car that I got as a present, haha (we woke up one morning and bam! a bumble-bee style Camaro was outside our window so we had to take pictures)

I also have the opportunity to cook a bit here, so obviously we had to take pictures. Our chicken and pasta with rice wasnt too bad for a first try. 

This week I will be doing my first exchanges as District leader and another exchange with the Zone leaders so I hope we can actually get some work done in the midst of all the switching but it should be fun. So yea sorry for the short email but that's pretty much it, have a great week and ending up the school year and stuff!

Love your missionary 

Elder Pierce

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