Monday, May 18, 2015

The Spirit Rocks!

Me during district meeting giving my treinamento about planning
(my comp was a ninja photographer, haha)

I had a pretty good week. I participated in 2 exchanges, one that I did with Elder Banks from DC in my District and one that was done with me with Elder Edwards from Michigan one of our Zone Leaders. Haha it just kind of worked out that all the Americans did the exchanges together. This week I have another exchange with the other companionship and I'll be with Elder Chuman from Santos, SP who arrived in the mission field with me one year and 3 months ago (wow). And besides having to run around from one area to the other in my area, Elder Lailson Silva and I were even able to find 7 new investigators who we were really needing so that was great. 

Noite Familiar (family home evening) 
I wanted to share with y'all two experiences that we had with the spirit this week. First off, we had a lesson with Thais and Júlio one night, I think it was Friday. They and their family (seen in the picture of the noite familiar just missing one other daughter) have been really liking our visits and how they have felt at church. They often express how they like we aren't "fanatics" and that they are surprised to find themselves in the situation where they are choosing to go to church and follow Gods plan for them of their free will haha. But a little hold up is that they have no background of saying daily prayers or prayers in general for that matter so they have real troubles remembering to pray and ask God if our message is true. As we were talking about that and trying to help them see the importance of prayer and thinking of how they could remember or feel more comfortable praying the spirit came into the room really strong. It doesn't happen too often when I feel that literally the words that I say aren't my own but I myself was surprised as I testified that as we pray we are literally talking with God our Heavenly Father and he will in a very real way answer our prayers. And every day after that Thais has said her prayers at night and is very excited to know how she will receive her answer. (She is trying to help out Júlio who comes home very tired and has the habit of just falling asleep haha).

The other experience was on Sunday the Bishop finally had me sing a special musical number in sacrament meeting (demorou (took long enough)). So I sang "I know that my redeemer lives" (Eu se i que vive meu senhor) and this time felt different. Because I've sang this song in Portuguese enough now I pretty much have it memorized which gave me the opportunity to really express through the music how I feel about the lyrics. I have decided that one of my favorite things to do in the world is share my testimony through singing. As I saw the tears well up in about half the congregation I knew that each of us are given gifts and talents so that we can edify the kingdom of God. So that was probably the most spiritual time that I sang in a sacrament meeting until now. Cool stuff :)

Love you all! until next week

Elder Pierce
My first exchange as a District Leader with Elder Banks from DC

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