Monday, June 8, 2015

One More Last Try

                                                            Loving Life in Livramento
Another week gone by. Elder Alencar is doing very well. He came very prepared for the mission spiritually and went out with the missionaries a lot at home so he is even practiced at teaching. I feel totally normal with him here, I don't have to drag him around or explain the obvious etc. When I asked him how he felt he said that it still hasn't hit him that he's a missionary yet, haha. 
Taking pictures on the border.

We have been working really hard to find new investigators which cam mean some long hours with little results. But it was an awesome testimony builder for us on Wednesday when literally we were just about to throw in the towel for the day having searched and searched and nothing happening and we decided to knock (well clap really) one more door and the lady stuck her head out the window and was like "nope". Unsatisfied with no the whole day and various appointments falling through I knew that we had to have at least one yes. So I decided to give it one more last try and knocked on the next door that I saw had lights on. The guy stepped out and we did the normal introductions and he was like "umm yea, you can come in" Elder Alencar and I looked at each other with an expression of "really?!" We taught him and his wife the restoration, they liked it a lot, we felt the spirit, and we marked another visit. The whole day of no was worth it for that one yes :) We went to bed extra happy that night. 

This week President Parrela came to the city to do a round of interviews with the zone. It'
s always good to have interviews with him because he is in his what he calls "with sugar mode" (not his without sugar mode haha). As I talked with him about a situation that Elder Alencar and I went through this week he told me "Elder Pierce you now have a certainty beyond faith that God exists." President Parrela really has a way with words :)

Love you all!! and have a good week

Elder Pierce
                                             "Missionary Life" Cartoons by Elder Pierce
 *Riley takes pics of little hand written notes to his brothers and sends them by email and he often includes a little cartoon drawing that each brother might enjoy.  We thought you may enjoy them too. :)

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