Monday, June 29, 2015

Run Around Then Relax... and Run Around Again

          I found Sheila's cousin at our investigators Thais and Julio's house. His name is "Gringo" because of the blue eyes (me and Ana- Thais and Julio's daughter)
Today (Monday, 22nd of June) makes 1 year and 5 months that I've been on the mission... I'm starting to feel old haha. Also it's now been 2 month that I'm here in Livramento, which is weird because I still feel like I'm new here, time really flies by. This week felt really rushed because we had two different exchanges that I had to do. Exchanges are always from before lunch one day to before lunch the next day and these 24 hours feel like a weird time warp. It's almost like that day doesn't count in my mind or something so the week goes by really fast. There are some things I like about exchanges but in some ways they really just make things more difficult. For example exchanges can go one of two ways, we will have a day full of miracles, teaching everyone planned for finding new people and seeing real progress in our investigators. Or nothing will go as planned and everything falls through just because your with another person. Thankfully the two exchanges I had went the first way this time. I was in Elder Banks' area on Tuesday then on Thursday Elder Edwards was in my area so the miracles were evenly spread out haha. It's interesting to have the chance to influence the work of another through my assessments and suggestions as a leader. 
Exchange with Elder Banks
Exchange with Elder Edwards

I've been blessed with a district who works hard and is always looking to become better so that makes things a lot easier.  In our area we found a cousin of a member who is 16 and I thought was already baptised but 4 years ago his Mom didn't give permission and now she is letting him go to church again.
No one else tried after that so we asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he said "yea, it just depends on my mom" So that is definitely a miracle and we are going to help him out in that aspect :) On Saturday we were invited to a churrasco at Thais and Julio's house (our investigators). It was super good and I even found a long lost cousin of our dog Sheila! They call him Gringo because of his blue eyes haha. This was our moment of "relax" in the week but then everything went crazy again the next morning trying to get everyone to church on Sundays. The rest of missionary work seems easy compared to getting people up in the morning to go to church and this is the only thing that stands in between many of our investigators and taking the next step to baptism. It was a bit disappointing that Leandro and Fernanda weren't able to make it this week but for sure next week will work out! All in the Lord's time, and with active patience.
Elder Alencar chillin with Gringo

Love you all and have a great week! And a shout out the all the family back at the family reunion! Extra hugs around and PARABENS! (congratulations) Grandpa for your Birthday!

Elder Pierce
                                         in the circle eating appetizers at the churrasco
                   the group Ana, Thais, Julio, us, then in the back are Julios nephew and his wife
the churrasco pit

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