Monday, June 29, 2015

Relying on the Lord

Hello all! Humm... so just to start things off this week got really hot out of nowhere. It was actually really nice 21-24 C (70s F) But when it should be getting colder I felt that it was hot. On the contrary Elder Alencar has been loving it because in Ceará the weather stays around 24 C (75 F) in the coldest of winters and 34 C (94 F)the rest of the time. So he gets to feel a bit more at home which is needed sometimes for a new missionary to get your mind off some of the stress. Thankfully (at least for me) today and tomorrow bring in the rain and then it's back to cooler temperatures which I've been waiting for. 

This week is the end of the transfer so I'm not too sure how I feel about that. I've got an estimated 60% chance to stay or 40% to leave by my reckoning. President Parrela likes to give the new missionaries Step-Fathers (when another missionary finishes the training), but there's no use in worrying about that till Friday. I would like to stay here and finish the training of Elder Alencar and help see some more progress here in the area with our investigators but we'll see what the Lord has planned. 
Having fun with our plaquetas (name tags)

A cool experience that we had: we got a referral of a less active family that was wanting visits from the missionaries again last week. When we went there the wife was full of questions and doubts about the Book of Mormon, the church, eternal families and all sorts of stuff so we just tried our best to answer what we could. We also left them 3 Néfi 11 to read to try and help them rekindle their faith connecting the Book of Mormon with Jesus Christ. When we returned we were all prepared to answer the unanswerable and and use scriptures from the 4 corners of the earth and whatnot. But when we got there they just said "oh we know it's all true elders we just need to plan better to wake up on Sunday to go to church, that's the only thing between us and coming back." and it was a "huh? could you repeat that?" situation which was a nice change from the tumultuous lives of our investigators who seem to get more complicated every week. But hey if it wasn't difficult it wouldn't be worth it :) This week for district meeting I'm going to focus on our main need to find more new investigators. So I'm gonna make a board game with sorted practice situations on the various pathways to help everyone feel more natural in finding new investigators, that should be fun, haha pictures to come.

Until next week! Love you all and know you're in my prayers :)

Elder Pierce
divisão (exchanges) with Elder Chuman

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