Monday, September 7, 2015

I'm an Assassin!

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Elder Navas  traveling again
My companion Elder Navas got an email today confirming that he will be going home one transfer early which means in 3 weeks bah! When a missionary ends his mission it's called "dying" and his last companion "kills" him so I'm going to kill Elder Navas haha. Elder Navas had already been talking with President Parrela some time about the date change so he was already expecting it, haha but still he gave a huge shout when he read the email. And then I gave another shout when I got the news of the timing of my flights home haha crazy! 
Bus rides are the best, haha.

Anyway things about this week: we had the second half of our Zone conference this week which went well. Then Elder Navas went to Santa Rosa for exchanges and I stayed with Elder Cardoso, the district leader from Santa Rosa here in Santo Ângelo. So again I spent half the week without my companion and it always rains during our exchanges. The second half of the week went pretty awesome. We had the baptism of Nandara on Saturday, her friend who first talked to her about the gospel, William, did the baptism. I got to do my favorite part and sing a solo to close out the baptism. "Eu Sei Que Vive Meu Senhor" ( I know that my redeemer lives) always makes everyone cry :') haha. And a funny bit, here is also a holiday in Brasil: their Independence Day!  Nothing is open and we convinced the lan-house (internet place) to open just for us this afternoon. So that also means that no stores where open for us to buy lunch so we met up with a member who whipped up a mini churrasco yumm. 

So yea sorry for the short email but I love you all and until next week!

Elder Pierce
We got creative and made pancakes. 

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