Monday, September 28, 2015

Wait for the Pillar of Light

                                                                   Farewell to a friend!

This week was a busy one. When the transfer came out we got together all of the missionaries here in Santo Ângelo and went to the chapel to reveal to everyone their new areas. It was pretty fun to see everyone's reactions together. Obviously Elder Navas was transferred back to São Paulo (home) and my new companion is Elder Longo who will die this next transfer, two kill streak haha. We took a lot of funny pictures For Elder Navas' last district meeting and everyone laughed a lot at my facial expressions. 

We had the opportunity this week to be very grateful for the blessings that God has given us and to look for his hand in all things. On Saturday morning when we were on our way to the chapel to get things ready for the baptism that night we got a call from our Bishop. He said that he had talked with Edelci the night before and that she had decided to not be baptized today. A bit in shock we called Edelci and as soon as we could went straight to her house to talk it out. I haven't prayed so fervently practically running in the street, ever. When we got to her house she explained to us that she talked with her boyfriend, who lives in another city, and that he wanted to be baptized together with her. But he hasn't even met the missionaries and so he wanted her to wait until November or something to see if everything would work out. Very calmly Elder Navas and I explained to her that she had already received an answer from God of what she should do. I told her about the experience of Joseph Smith before the first vision. That before one of the greatest miracles that has ever occurred there was also great opposition. That this was the opposition that God had given her so that she could over come it and be able to partake in one of the greatest miracles of her life and take the first step in our salvation. The Spirit was super strong and we felt sure that she would decide to be baptized again. We said a last prayer and she said she would call her boyfriend again to talk it out and give us a final answer after. Elder Navas and I went straight to the chapel to fill up the baptismal font in faith that she would make the right decision. But regretfully, a few minutes before we had marked for the baptism to start she
called us cancelling... Needless to say we felt quite sad and a bit shocked but thinking about it after we have many chances to be grateful for the service that we give and that we did our part. This only was a part of our own opposition before the miracles in our life and now we just have to wait for the pillar of light.
                                     Read more about the prophet Joseph Smith's First Vision

Elder Navas went to Santa Maria on Sunday and now I'm with the other Elders until my companion arrives on Tuesday. Then BAM on Wednesday we have to travel to Santa Maria for Zone conference and this weekend will be awesome with General Conference and new apostles, very excited!

Love you all family I pray for you every day :)

Elder Pierce
                                                      Despedida (Farewell) Elder Navas

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