Monday, September 14, 2015

Thank Goodness for a Normal Week


I feel like there was a lot of stuff yet at the same time a whole lot of nothing that happened this week haha. This was the first week that I or Elder Navas didn't have to travel to another city! Thank goodness, but we still had an exchange which went cool because I was with Elder Araújo my old companion who is our district leader here in Santo Angelo. The day was full of good memories and great experiences. 

Anyway the entire week we were waiting for the eminent visit from President and Sister Parrela for house inspections and another round of personal interviews. Finally on Friday morning the dreaded "imperial march" ring tone that we put for President on our phone rang and in short time he and Sister were in our house throwing away a bunch of old stuff and doing the interviews. I always like personal interviews with Presidente Parrela in his "with sugar" mode haha. He talked to me a lot about how I'm going back in December and to be alright about it (which I already am but it's a nice reconfirmation) and how he talked with the mission department and how there wasn't really any other option. He also talked about his last area in his mission and the difficulties that he went through but to keep firm till the end and continue to be excellent etc... Pretty much indirect hints that I think I might be here in Santo Angelo until December, we shall see. And as the family has guessed it makes sense too for me to stay here because Elder Navas will be going back home in 14 days (a count he doesn't let anyone forget haha) Elder Navas says that when he gets trunky (thinking about home) he starts to joke around a lot. Lets just say that the day is non-stop laughter haha. 

Other stuff from this week... hummm we walked around a lot contacting "dead records" that the church sends in a "Rescue List" each trimester. Usually the list has 20 names but ours had 57! and we were stuck with 32 all spread out in the area... fun. 

But yea I'll repent and send a bunch of pictures next week, Love y'all!

Elder Pierce 

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