Monday, June 16, 2014

Baking Cookies and WORLD CUP (It's a BIG Deal!!)

What do missionaries do during The World Cup??  STUDY
June 16, 2014
Another semana has come and gone down here in Brasil. The cold is coming in but that also means that we are getting more used to it (except for my companion from Bolivia where it stays around 24 degrees Celsius (75 degrees F), so he is dying from the cold). But also here in Rio Grande do Sul during winter it starts to do a cold, windy mist sort of thing all day long and that's starting to come too which is kind of miserable and nothing will ever stay dry... yay.
Anyway so its a preconception down here that every American missionary knows how to bake cookies (or just cooks as they call them down here, if they've even heard about cookies). So for a Noite Familiar (noi-chee) (Family Home Evening) I was asked to make some cookies. And... I don't know how to bake cookies, haha, but I said I would try anyway. So last Monday after we went grocery shopping on p-day, we headed back to the house and picked up a recipe from another member and started to throw some stuff in a bowl and make cookies. But after some confusion and phone calls to another missionary who knew how to make cookies we finally got the dough to work right-ish and bam! We made cookies. And they weren't awful too- success! But lemme just say that I have to repent for not learning how to make cookies from you Mom because your cookies are the best! So as a tip for all preparing to go on missions: at least know how to bake cookies.


 And the World Cup started this week! Which would be more exciting if you know we were able to watch it and it wasn't a point of contention and a little rebellion for some missionaries, haha. As for me never having watched a World Cup before, I was content to stay home and study during the opening game Thursday and for a bit of fun Elder Dos Santos were on a split and I studied a bit of the Restoration movie with popcorn, yum. But it was funny too because we were able to keep the score of the game depending on the screams and fireworks and honking of horns in the streets when Brasil made a goal, haha. As for the next month with all the other games that will be a bit difficult. One because if Brasil is playing everything stops. School gets out, stores close, people have holidays off work, and of course everyone is watching the game. And during the rest of the time the games are always on and asking people to turn off their TVs just doesn't happen especially when your a junior American companion. So as the world turns we see a couple minutes of the games every day trying to talk to people but hey the work goes on... or tries to hah.
Popcorn and The Restoration Movie

Love you all and keep going with all your awesome, crazy, cool end of the year stuff going on! Our next transfers are on July 1st and we will see what happens, I dont know if its a sign that things are going to change when people start to say "oh no you cant leave!" or "for sure your going to stay" but we will see

Elder Pierce

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