Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Service Project: Extermination! and My Unexpected Talk

Zone Meeting

5 months on the mission yesterday (Sunday) that's pretty crazy but I still wont say its going by fast until I've hit the 6 month mark, although I did think it was still May last week... And this huge 7 week transfer (they are usually 6 weeks so it feels much longer now) is coming to a close this week and on Friday we will know what all will go down and its possible that there could be some changes.
So during the week we (us 4 missionaries) got called over to a service project to do some deep cleaning at a house with and suspected rat issue! So we started to do what we do best and throw everything outside of the house into a big pile and clear out everything that could be a hiding place for the ratinhos (ha-chee-nyos) (little rats) and for the majority of the morning we only were finding evidence until Elder Usieda and Elder Dos Santos found some of the little babies (and were hilariously out smarted by those fast little buggers who got away).  From then on we knew that we were getting close to the big momma rat. And a little later when we were thinking about leaving because we were late for out lunch, we hear these screams from another room and this huge rat comes running by so we all freaked out and ran out the house where I held the front door shut (you know to not let the rat get away) and watched through the window the hilarious and wild hitting of the floor with brooms by Elder Usieda and some of the others in the house! Gracious it was too funny with all the screams and running around and in the end we were victorious and got one of the big daddy rats, euhhhggg<wigged out shudder>  We also had some close calls with some other rats but they were smarter and ran away, but great news the house is a lot better now and for now rat free. 
And I feel that I've hit a mile stone in the mission because Saturday night at 9:30 I got a call from a member of our bishopric to give a talk the next morning. And it was interesting because every morning before my personal study I ask that I will be able to use what I study through out the day so I look for that and this week, I felt that hasn't really happened.  So, I was thinking more about that and maybe I was studying wrong or something but then the call came and it was cool because the things that I've been studying are just what I needed for my talk. So I gave a talk about that Priesthood and used 3 examples to explain 3 key points about the priesthood. 1) Captain Moroni and the power that we can receive through the Priesthood (Alma 48:17) 2) The baptism of Jesus Christ and the authority that John the Baptist had (Mat. 3:13-17) and 3) I was reading through my journal and remembered an experience when Dad and I gave a blessing and the example he gave me to always use the priesthood to serve others when given the opportunity. And it worked out pretty well so now i can give a talk in Portuguese at last minute notice cool    

Here's a funny you had to be there moment with Portuguese. So we were at lunch on Sunday and we were discussing the differences between words in English and Portuguese. And I said that there were some words that I liked better in Portuguese than in English such as "portador" do sacerdócio (priesthood holder) and it just clicked in my brain that a "portador" was someone who opens a door (porta) like we are opening the door for the priesthood or something like that and then everyone began to laugh because the word for a doorman in that sense is a porteiro and it was kind of a had to be there moment but I haven't laughed so long in a long time and I want to be a portiero do sacerdócio, haha.

Love you all so much and have fun in the summer heat! 

Elder Pierce

Baptism in the other dupla

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