Monday, June 30, 2014

Rain and Transfers (or not)

I got a new sweater and my new name tag with a clip came in- Joy!

First off it has rained every day this entire week and it just really stinks because nothing dries and considering that we have to walk everywhere, everything is wet!  The joys of winter down here in Rio Grande do Sul. So we just set everything up with fans blowing all the time and it works our... sort of, haha.

And transfers! So normally the mission president will lock himself in his office on Wednesday and Thursday and then Friday morning is when everyone starts getting phone calls and we would generally know where everyone will be going by lunch time on that Friday. Also if you're "moving up" in the mission world like being called to District Leader or Trainer or something the president will call you personally to give you the news. So in possible anticipation for this we changed our cell phone ring tone for President Parrela to the imperial march from Star Wars to know if it was him calling. Let me just say I will be traumatized from that music for a while because they (our senior companions) played a joke on Elder Gama as if President were calling and changed the name of our cell phone in theirs and put on that ring tone and then called during our lunch.  It was super funny but we all, even though it was a joke, got a bit excited after that. So all day Friday we tried to go about our business and not be too jumpy when the phone rang. I'm not gonna lie I was a little apprehensive because this is the first transfer that something could actually happen and I might be transferred out of the city. So when we got about the 3rd prank call for transfers I was a bit on edge to know. And finally at the end of the night Elder Dos Santos came in to tell us... that transfers wouldn't come out till the next day ahhhh!! and that President still hadn't finished transfers and something big was happening. So Saturday morning the transfers come out and... I'm staying here with Elder Usieda for one more transfer and oddly enough Elder Dos Santos, who only had one transfer here and almost finishing his mission, is being transferred. Which is a bit sad because he is a really great guy and we are good friends but that's the mission. So I'm excited to figure out the next thing I need to learn from my companion and my area this next transfer until the 11th of August.
Love you all and I hope your having an awesome warm dry summer!
Elder Pierce

Last Sunday with Elder Dos Santos
Cake for an early birthday for Elder Dos Santos

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