Monday, June 16, 2014

Visit from a Seventy and a Baptism

My District
Elder & Sister Soarez

June 9, 2014

To start off the week we had a visit from a 70 this past Tuesday. Elder Mozart B Soarez, from of Manaus Brasil, and his wife came down and had a "tour" trough out the mission. It was super great and the training sessions went well and I felt that I learned a lot. He spoke a good bit about our actions and the reactions that occur which is right in line with my "theme" of study lately. When we have faith, which is a principle of action, we are going to demonstrate that faith by doing something. Then we must be diligent in our actions and with diligent action we will receive fruitful "reaction". And as always when we have a big conference or anything President Parrela has me sing a special music number so I sang hino 70 "Eu Sei Que Vive Meu Senhor" for the 70 (hahaha) Then after the conference we might have slipped by a McDonalds...
The good ole "Golden Arches"

Anyway on Friday we had the baptism of Andriele! She is the sister of a recent convert in our area and turned 18 on the day of her baptism. Her "path to baptism" was by no means easy but she is an example of how the Lord prepares us for when we need to be ready. And after almost 2 months of the roller coaster of life that hit her after she decided to be baptized it finally happened! So Friday night we gathered everyone together and had a nice baptismal service, and I sang the primary song "I like to look for rainbows" (I can't remember the actual name in English ha) And seeing as it was her birthday a sister in our ward who does cakes professionally baked a cake and we had a mini festa after the service. And on Sunday she was confirmed a member and received the Holy Ghost, awesome experience. And Matheus, my first baptism, blessed the sacrament for the first time on Sunday too which was cool and he almost had it perfect and only had to say the prayer twice. 

Walking home from the baptism

Thank you all for your prayers and love! The Mission life keeps on going down here in Brazil and I'm excited to be hearing about all the great stuff going on at home.

Love Elder Pierce

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