Monday, November 16, 2015

Best (and Last) Mission Council Ever!

                                                        Presidente and Sister Parrela 
                                                         Brazil, Santa Maria Mission

After a long bus ride last Monday I finally got to my hotel room around 9:40 where I met up with my new/ old companion Elder Souza Santos! It was great to get to catch up with him and share many new stories and remember the good old days. At the mission council the next day I took a picture with Presidente and Sister Parrela for, surprisingly, the first time on my mission. 

The mission council was the best (and last) that I've participated in. The ideas were all sorted and filtered out really well and we only discussed things that would effect the entire mission (instead of wasting a lot of time on little stuff). We discussed two of my ideas 1) to include the "datas marcadas" (marked dates? if that's the right expression in English) (explanation: when a missionary marks a date for an investigator to be baptized) in the mission wide email, the "Santa Maria News" as an incentive for marking more dates and for the entire mission to have a better vision of how we are progressing. Everyone thought that was cool and it got a unanimous vote to be applied immediately. And 2) to send a copy of the teaching record together with the baptismal sheet to the mission office when an investigator is baptized. This idea sparked so much conversation and revisions etc that Presidente Parrela decided to have everyone think about it a bit more and we would continue to discuss the topic next mission council (obviously when I'm not going to be there...) It seems that no one has thought of that before so that was pretty cool :) 
Together again :)

Anyway Elder Souza Santos and I are working hard here towards the end. We had some crucial progress with some investigators like Irmão Pedro didn't smoke two days straight so far! But on the other end some other investigators that I've been really trying hard with have showed to us that it really just isn't their time now to progress. In the midst of it all it's like we have time... but at the same time we don't, haha. Especially because now we are going to have to prepare for another round of zone meetings and exchanges with the district leaders. Today (Monday) we travel to Santiago 3:00pm and from there on it's a roller coaster that I'll have to tell y'all about next week!

Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Pierce

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