Monday, November 9, 2015

Reunited and it Feels So Good!


This week went by super fast 'ta louco. By the time that everyone is reading this letter Elder Longo will probably be back in São Paulo living out his post mission dreams and driving a car which he said was his greatest desire after not driving for 2 years haha. For Elder Longo's last Pday we went bowling! It was super fun, we laughed a lot and I even won the first game! And it was a great opportunity to take a bunch of pictures haha.

                                             this was my favorite picture, perfect timing!

                                                                 I won the game! 
                              (77 points in that last slot and yes the lady spelled my name pircee)

Irmão Pedro and his family decided that they wanted to wait until all of the members of the family were ready to be baptized so this week didn't work out for them. Besides the end of mission stress and trials, Elder Longo was happy that they and some other investigators of ours are progressing well and should be baptized this month. We were even able to get in contact with Irmã Edelci for the first time in a while and she seems to have sorted out some key stuff that she needed to which is exciting! 
                                     Irmão Pedro and those of his family who came to church
Edelci and Ana paula at church

And here's the exciting transfer news... **drum roll**... I will stay here in Santo Ângelo until the end of my mission! I was already expecting that especially because Elder Longo left the area and President Parrela in my last interview with him only told me stories about when he was in the last area on his mission and then told me after "...fica firme aí Elder Pierce." (stay firm there (literal translation)) And my "new" companion will be Elder Souza Santos!!! again!!! I was super excited when I saw that he would be my companion because I loved serving with him in São Pedro do Sul at the beginning of the year and we work really well together so that's pretty cool that he will be my assassin haha. 

Today (Monday) 4:15 pm I will get on a bus to Santa Maria where I will meet up with Elder Souza Santos and stay there the night to be ready for the Mission Council early Tuesday morning. Afterwards we will catch a bus around 2:00pm Tuesday back to Santo Ângelo and we will hit the ground running back to work! Exciting :) I have a feeling that these last 5 weeks of my mission will go by very quickly!

Love you all family and have a great week!

Elder Pierce  
                                                       Elder Longo's last district meeting
                                                                       morto haha
                                                                  everyone sad
                                                            this picture scared me a bit...
               when we ate at a restaurant this week there was a NC license plate on the wall!
                                                                     the last pizza
                                                           last day pics witht the comp
                                               chiquisão (suppa fly) with our matching ties
on his way home 

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