Monday, November 23, 2015

My Last "Mirth-day"

                                                                        Zone Meeting
Well this week marked my last "mirth-day" here on the mission. (Mirth-day is the best translation I can think of for "mes-versario" in Portuguese which means your "birth-day" of the month) Yup on Sunday marked 1 year and 10 months that I've been here in Brazil, but the weirdest part is... I'm not going to be here for 1 year and 11 months, uhggg shivers. I also got the official email of death today saying that I'm going home and when my flights will be and everything pretty crazy.  

Elder Wassom and I 
Things went by very fast this week. With our travels on Monday to Santiago then the Zone Meeting Tuesday morning which went well and then traveling back to Santo Ângelo literally the rest of the day. Then Wednesday my exchange with Elder Wassom the other lyric singer in the mission (I'm sure the entire building and the building next to ours heard us singing...) Pretty much all of the things I had planned for in the exchange fell through, tears, but we kept it up, haha. Exchanges are always a good test of faith, or with miracles or in everything going wrong.  Then Thursday Elder Souza Santos finally got to come home. 

We are working a lot so that these last weeks will be very fruitful, we are expecting great things with Irmão Pedro and his family and they are excited too. We had a cool lesson with them where as we read scriptures about the gospel of Christ they filled up a plastic cup with water and then when we finished we used a lighter and showed how a plastic cup without water burns easily but with water in the cup the plastic doesn't burn at all and in the same way we need the gospel in our lives, pretty cool. This week will be busier than last, haha. Tuesday we have the Zone meeting here in Santo Ângelo with Santa Rosa and I'll stay here in the city with the district leader from Santa Rosa for our exchange then on Wednesday Elder Souza Santos from Santa Rosa will go to Santa Maria and an assistant will come and do an exchange with me then when he leaves on Thursday and Elder Souza Santos comes back we will have to do another exchange with Elder Araújo, the district leader here in Santo Ângelo and that is pretty much our entire week in exchanges... yay!

So yea have a great Thanksgiving! and I love you all 

Elder Pierce 

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