Monday, November 30, 2015

Holdin' Down the Fort

                                                                  Noite Familiar

Family... things are coming down very quickly... on the mission you get used to the rhythm, and next week and next week, but then I get to... next week... wow it’s a lot to think about. And we pretty much don’t have time to think about it really haha.

Zone Meeting
This week we had our zone meeting on Tuesday and we went right into the exchanges afterwards which turned out to be much more tiring than I expected. We did 4 exchanges in a row! Tuesday I was with Elder De Melo, the district leader from Santa Rosa while Elder Souza Santos went to Santa Rosa with the other companion. For the first day of exchanges I was well prepared all of our appointments were marked "tudo certinho" (all right) and we were able to teach some great lessons with members and in all it was good. The next day was my exchange with the traveling assistant Elder Molina (and Elder Souza Santos had to travel from Santa Rosa to Santa Maria, about 5 hours, and got there around midnight the night before). We are both heading home here in a few days so it was more trunky talk than normal but even on the second day of exchanges I was able to have  everything marked and all of our visits "bonitinho" (nice? more literally would be beautiful with a diminutive...). We had a Noite Familiar with a family of members and the family of Irmão Pedro which was good and Elder Molina gave a 10 for the integration work that we were doing with them. (but sadly I forgot my camera!) But then on Thursday things got more complicated. I was on exchanges with Elder Araújo, our district leader here in Santo Ângelo, after Elder Souza Santos came back from Santa Maria in the morning but since this was the 3rd day in a row of exchanges I wasn’t able to get everything planned out super well and to top it all off it began to rain... so that was a bit of a challenging day. Friday Elder Araújo needed to do an exchange with Elder Souza Santos (the DL has to do exchanges with both the ZL...) so I was with Elder Campos for the day. I think by this point the Lord helped me out because he knew that things were gettin crazy so he blessed us with some great contacts which turned into lessons and new investigators. But yea I’m just glad that all of those exchanges are over and I’ll never have to do another exchange for the rest of my mission!

I was very happy on Saturday to be able to go back to working with Elder Souza Santos. I know that the Lord really has a purpose for putting us back together again especially now. As I helped my other companions in their final hours now he is helping me. No other missionary would be able to help me have such faith and confidence in Heavenly Father and to work through the spirit til the end, not giving into fear or just pushing it with the "arm of flesh" as he has helped me. So yea I’m super excited to get everything done these last 2 weeks!! 

Love ya family and just a reminder next week is the last week I’ll be getting email from you for the rest of my mission!

Elder Pierce  
                                                        Exchange Extravaganza
                                                                 Elder Melo
                                                                  Elder Molina
                                                                    Elder Araújo
                                                                     Elder Campos

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