Monday, April 7, 2014

From Divisões & Conference! To a Funeral

Tuesday was Dia de Mentira hahaha (gee-a gee men-chee-ra) April fools day! There were a lot of fake transfer calls going around and it was pretty funny. So this week we had divisões (gee-vee-zoins) so Elder McCutcheon as District Leader went out to the other city with elders in our district and we received Elder Santana who is about to die (nothing to do with the funeral part he is just almost done with the mission) anyway, so I didn't go with him personally but I did get to go with Elder Gama in his area one day and it was just kind of funny the two new missionaries wondering around. But it was actually really good and we got a lot done (felt very different than my average day *cough cough*). Also, we had lunch scheduled at the family that just gives us money so we had pizza again! Yay, but divisões were just a bit crazy because planning and setting goals and companion study just go out the window because you switch companions every day haha.

Anyway, Saturday General Conference! Oh boy I’m not gonna lie I was kind of geeking out haha and it was so awesome! It was in a different chapel than ours and there was a room for English speakers, thank heavens! The actual voices of the prophets are just so powerful and not to mention I can understand all of it (well mostly, that one that I guess was from Brazil was hard we guessed he was from Switzerland, haha). But all of it was good, there was so much about daily prayer and scripture study and how the Book of Mormon can be such a spiritual protection for us, which is so true, so study your scriptures! Also every single one testified of Christ and his doctrine which is a big focus for us missionaries which is awesome. Probably my favorite was Elder Dallin H Oaks in priesthood session about keys and authority. It just made me think a lot and I was like yea! It was cool.

OK so then on Sunday morning we got a really sad call that there had been a death in the family of like the strongest sister in our ward who loves and serves the missionaries practically every day here. We had investigators going to conference with us so we pulled another divisão and Elders Fávero & Gama went to conference with them and Elder McCutheon and I went to the viewing and funeral service to be there and support Irma Iara. So down here they do funeral stuff really fast, like within 24 hours of the death everything with the funeral is over. But it was just hard and super sad for her and I’m just glad to have had the opportunity to serve with my presence and uplift others with the wonderful message of the plan of salvation. So when that all ended we got a ride with our bishop back to conference and we had time to watch the last hour of the last session which dad missed haha trade off. But Elder McCutcheon and I will download the rest we didn't hear and listen today and when we have time.

Thank you all for your love and blessings! I hope you had a great conference and have a great week! Oh and Happy Birthday Noah this Friday!

Love- Elder Pierce
This is us when I met Irma Iara for the first time

                                                 (and sorry no time for more pictures!)

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