Monday, April 28, 2014

Ups and always

This week I kind of was having a hard time just being "excited" to work and everything but I think it was because sometimes I think too much haha. Because really on the mission there are some things, like all the itty bitty rules that we have in addition to the "white bible" courtesy of Pres and Sis Parrela, that make living difficult when you want to do everything the right way but there seems like no point or not applicable to the situation or whatever. But as always you just gotta do your best in the moment that you have and not stress out because you didn’t know that word in Portuguese or that wasn’t a "mission appropriate" song, or someone didn’t understand your question, or we were late to our appointment, or your plans fall through, but I digress...
On Thursday Elder Usieda and I cleaned the baptismal font again but just with us two this time and the pump thing is still broken so we hauled out the buckets but it was all good. And then that night our investigator Olmiro had his interview and... the baptism fell through. He felt that he wasn’t ready and I think it was a little bit of fear that things were going too fast for him. But everything was all good and he still was interested and we were going to see him on Sunday so a little disheartening, but all good. Then Sunday comes around and we go to their house to walk with him to church and we clapped and waited... and clapped... and after like the fourth time of us clapping (we had some young men with us who went a little clap happy) Olmiro´s grandma comes stumbling out all disheveled and said "he doesn’t want to go anymore!" and went right back into the house... so we were like uhhhh, ok have a good morning... so we went to church and were a little preoccupied for the rest of the day until that night when we decided to go back to their house to figure out what really was going on. And as it turns out Olmiro was just sleeping a bit more and the grandma who is used to sleeping in on Sundays was just a tad peeved at the young men who wouldn’t stop clapping at her door at 8:45 in the morning.
Traditional Brazilian Churrasco
So we got that all smoothed out and things are going all smooth now and we got to eat a bit of churrasco (shoo-HA-skow), the Brasilian meat on a sword, with them which was my first time and it was super good!     So as always ups and downs in the mission field, Elder Usieda and I are learning how to work together well and things are progressing here in Brasil!

I love you all and thanks for the early happy birthday wishes, and as always thanks to everyone who writes me emails I love to get them! Sorry I don’t have much time to respond but Ill keep on trying!

Elder Pierce

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