Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rained on, Dog Bitten, and Here we GO…

Family! Friends and whoever else reads this, oi tudo bom!

Alrighty so Tuesday we got rained on like nobody’s business. I’m grateful I brought my rain jacket I look like a hunch back with my bag underneath it but it’s worth it and really if anyone is going to Brazil bring a big umbrella, it gets crazy. Then after everything calmed down and we were just walking down this street and out of nowhere this random, crazy dog comes up behind me and bites me in the leg! Like what the heck! So you can imagine my quite loud `Mormon expletives´ but really it was just a good hard nip at the back of my calf that ripped my pants and drew blood and gave me a bruise, but I’m still gonna wear the pants, haha. So we went to a less actives house and got it cleaned up and it will be all good.
Dog bite carnage
 In the service of the Lord...
So this week I tried something different, I decided to get to know Elder Fávero better and really become his friend so for two days straight we played “would you rather” while walking everywhere.  I would ask a question of which thing he would prefer between two things and he would answer then we would talk about it.  Then he would ask me a question and so on. And really just this talking and getting to know him on this different level really helped our companionship a lot and we were a lot happier working together. Then Friday came. So we get a call from President Parrela in the morning that Elder Fávero was being transferred to be the financial secretary for the mission and that I would be getting another companion who is from Bolivia named Elder Usieda and I will have to show him the entire area and all of the members and all of our pesquisadores and we both are still learning Portuguese!  I will have to take a major role in the planning and I still only know like 4 street names (nothing here has a street sign and all the houses are mixed up like 50 132 45 800... its nuts) but everything will work out, the Lord knows my weaknesses and will help me out! So Sunday was my last day with Elder Fávero and we went around saying his last good byes and we packed up his stuff Sunday night and put him in a taxi and he was off but they stay in centro de Santa Maria so we see them every p day haha we shall see what is to come though with my new comp who gets here Tuesday!
Last day with Elder Fávero

Oh and we ate this dinner at this one pesquisadores house and it was super good then Elder Fávero told me it was cow tongue afterward... and I was like cow tongue!!! That was delicious!!! I never thought I would say that, haha.

Love all of you sorry I wish I had more time to write everyone!!!

Com um braço (cone oon braso) Elder Pierce

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