Monday, April 21, 2014

New Companheiro! and the coelho!

New Companion, Elder Usieda from Bolivia!
So this was the first week with my new companheiro and half-father (trainer) Elder Usieda. A little bit about him, he’s from Bolivia and has 8 months on the mission and he turned 19 the day I entered the CTM, which will be 3 months tomorrow, crazy! I am 2 weeks from being 20 (also crazy and hopefully that package you sent will get here around my birthday!) So I’m a good bit older than he is and a good bit taller too haha. Anyway things with him are very different... for one he is entirely fluent in Português but he learned it so he knows how to teach it better and he has already helped me a lot with the little things so that is really good like I can understand people about 80% of the time and people understand me like 60-70% of the time and it will only get better from here so yay! Also I can already tell that he is the kind of missionary that families will talk about after you leave, the missionaries that leave a good impression and you have good memories with and so that is really good to have that example to learn from of how to interact with people that way as a missionary.
It rained a good bit this week and we did this service project laying down rubble in one of our members garages to level out the floor and it took forever! Oh yea and this week I had to show Elder Usieda around our area, well at least everything that I can remember haha not gonna lie that’s kind of stressful that we really have to go off of what I remember and we have to plan our day just from ´what I think´ will be best. *large exhale* That should get better with time for sure and he is really good with learning the area so that helps a lot.

So Easter! yayayay  Here it’s Pascua (pass-coo-ah) and the coelho (koh-eh-lee-oh),aka rabbit, comes to your house and they do pretty much the same thing we do but a little less emphasis on the basket and egg hunt and more on the Pascua ovo this big chocolate egg that every one gets. So the Pascua coelho came and I got a big egg and there were little candy bars inside- it was really good. Oh and also we have a baptism planned for this Friday if everything goes well yay! And I’ll get more to yall on that next week.

Love all of you!  Happy late Easter and until next week!

PS. Dog bite situation: we checked on the dog the next day and it was fine and my leg is totally fine and healing normal so I'm all good and this pic is last week so its even better now.

Healing nicely, much to the relief of his Mother & Family! :)

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